Have you followed the Get Started guide but still aren't seeing results? Here are a couple possible reasons:

1. flakytest is not installed

Pytest lists all installed plugins in the sesssion header:

============================= test session starts ==============================
platform darwin -- Python 3.11.6, pytest-7.4.3, pluggy-1.3.0
rootdir: /Users/anze/flakytest/flakytest-python-example
plugins: flakytest-2023.0b6  # <--- this line
collected 7 items
If you don't see flakytest listed in the plugins section make sure to install it:

pip install flakytest

2. Environment variable is not set

Check if the env variable is set:


It should print out your secret token. If it does not make sure to set it and then rerun pytest:

export FLAKYTEST_API_KEY=your-secret-token

3. Still having truble?

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