How Python teams fix flaky tests

The single place to manage, monitor, and report on your test suite performance.

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Test Ownership

Make sure the only person who is bothered by a flaky test is the person who wrote it using the same technique as GitHub.

Mute Tests

Mute flaky tests with a single click with no code changes required.
Screenshot showing two tables listing recent failed tests and recent test runs

Zoom into a single test

See all test runs for a single test and see if the test is more truble than worth.

Debug information

See the debug information for a failing test, including standard output and standard error streams.

See run statistics

See run statistics and identify tests making your builds slow.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a flaky test?

A flaky test is a test that fails randomly for no apparent reason. Flaky tests are a common problem in software development and can be difficult to diagnose and fix. Flaky tests can slow down your development process and make it harder to deliver high-quality software.

How long does it take to set up in my project?

The setup process involves adding one Python dependency and one secret key to your CI. If you have the required access you can have it up and running in seconds! See the Get started documentation for more information.

Why only Python for now?

I am currently focusing on Python projects, but I plan to support other languages in the future. If you want to use FlakyTest with a different language, please let me know

Who is behind FlakyTest?


Hi, I'm Anže, a software engineer and indie maker with over ten years of experience shipping products for Silicon Valley startups and growing development teams.

I know firsthand the struggles of keeping up with business demands while maintaining a high-quality test suite. I built FlakyTest to help teams keep their velocity even when things go wrong, and the test suite becomes unreliable.