The pricing page now clearly sates that the project is free for non profits and open source projects ❤️

Project pages can now be made public. Check out the page for itself here.


Simplifed onboarding experince.

Indicator on the setup project page to show that the page will refresh when the first test run is received.


Improvements to the landing page in preparation for the product hunt launch.


Improvements to clickable areas and tables.


Mute test improvements

You can now set a limit for how long a test should be muted for. This is useful because it will automatically unmute the test after the specified time, making sure that muted tests don't get forgotten.

Mute duration options showing


Multiple improvements


New tests page

The new tests page shows all the project's tests along with their failure counts and run times. It also makes it easy to mute tests directly from the list view.
Test overview page

Added sidebar

The sidebar makes it easier to switch between the different views and improves the navigation experience.

Sidebar before
Sidebar after


Added test overview page

Improved single test view now shows the test pass percentage, p50, and p95 durations. It is now also possible filter previous runs by test status.
Test overview page